Carter Water to Offer Puronics Water Systems to Central Florida

Nov. 16, 2018 – Carter Water Treatment Services, a local water treatment company, is pleased to announce a new partnership with Puronics Water Systems, Inc., a leading manufacturer of water treatment systems for consumer and commercial markets. Carter Water will be providing Puronics water treatment systems to Orlando area residents and businesses.

“We are excited to offer Central Florida the most advanced water treatment technology available today,” said Carter Burks, owner of Carter Water. Puronics produces water softeners, no salt ‘green’ water filtration systems, drinking water systems and well water treatment systems. Most Puronics products incorporate SilverShield® HYgene® to inhibit bacteria growth within the filter media bed. This technology is based on NASA’s silver ion technology, which was used to purify water aboard the Space Shuttle Orbiters.

Puronics products provide consumers and businesses with clean, high quality water. The patented iGen® digital control valve maintains 60 days of water usage history to maximize water and salt efficiency. It also alerts the homeowner when it is time for the SilverShield® HYgene® filter to be replaced. Contact Carter Water to schedule a free water consultation to find out how your home or business could benefit from water treatment.

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