BrandStar Launches Their National 360° Integrated Consumer Content Platform to the South Florida Market

Nov. 15, 2018 – BrandStar has evolved as a leading solutions-driven content creator and distributor resulting from the collaborated vision of two dynamic entrepreneurs, Mark Alfieri and Doug Campbell. Over 20 years ago, Campbell and Alfieri built a company that specifically created engaging educational content that made a meaningful impact in people’s lives, specifically women. That “pay it forward” mission has held throughout BrandStar’s diverse productions and growth as a guiding North Star.

It was after taking over The Balancing Act in 2008, BrandStar evolved from only providing production services into becoming true pioneers in “Branded Education,” positioning the organization as virtual “matchmakers” between brands and consumers. BrandStar developed a unique formula in consumer marketing and mastered its success, while keeping their integrity and values intact. BrandStar provides the most authentic branded educational content and production possible with the BEST resources. Resources that include: 20+ years of branding and content creation expertise, state-of-the-art facilities covering over 43,000 sq.ft. of infrastructure, the latest in pre and post video and audio production including the largest Cyclorama Wall on the East Coast, the acquisition of a leading social media agency, and most recently with their strategic merger with Paton Marketing – a leading South Florida digital marketing and website development company. BrandStar stands currently as a leader in creative and video production services aiming it all at providing positive story-telling across multiple media distribution channels.

BrandStar has committed to investing in their internal culture as strong as their external. They have created a transparent work environment that is not only comfortable, creative, and fun, but also mutually beneficial for employer and employee, continuously changing their methods to create more employee satisfaction and growth opportunities. Their expansive Deerfield Beach facilities were inspired by innovative companies like Google; making their workplace a great place to be; earning them the prestigious Great Place to Work® Certification for 2018 -2019.

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