University of Miami Business School Unveils the Top 5 Timeless Traits of Successful Business Leaders Ahead of 70th Anniversary Celebrations

Oct. 9, 2018 – Today, ahead of the 70th anniversary of its MBA program commemoration, the University of Miami Business School (MBS) unveiled the top five traits leaders need to ensure their businesses prosper and remain sustainable throughout time: integrity, agility, emotional intelligence, financial acumen and business judgment. MBS’s long-standing history of more than seven decades developing leaders for the business landscape of tomorrow has resulted in a solid expertise on the traits that have been, and continue to be, key to success.

“Just as the fundamental role of business – providing the goods and services people need and want – has not changed over time, neither have the basic traits its leaders need,” said John A. Quelch, Dean of MBS and Vice Provost for Executive Education of the University. “By remaining one step ahead of business trends, MBS has helped leaders develop these traits and adapt their application to today’s reality while preparing for future needs.”

According to Dean Quelch, integrity and emotional intelligence help maintain a reputable position among employees and customers alike in today’s interconnected world, where the public’s perception is significantly shaped through social media. In addition, a leader’s ability to leverage innovative technologies to remain agile and efficient, adapt to the economics of the digital age and incorporate sound data into his or her decision-making will take their business down a sustainable path.

MBS has maintained strong demand for its expertise over the years – unlike the national downward trend, enrollment in its full-time MBA programs increased 12 percent in 2018. In celebration of the 70th anniversary of its MBA program, the 40th anniversary of its Executive MBA in Health Sector Management and Policy and the 20th anniversary of its Executive MBA in Spanish, MBS will be hosting a three-day conference with renowned international business leaders and alumni from November 1-3, 2018. The event will include the inaugural Finance and Global Economics Forum of the Americas, and day sessions focused on the future of business and technology as well as business dynamics in Latin America & the Caribbean. With sessions focused on applying artificial intelligence to transparency, money and payment systems of the digital age, and investing in today’s global economy, among others, the discussions will provide a deeper understanding of business trends and how leaders can evolve the key traits of integrity, agility, emotional intelligence, financial acumen and business judgment to address the changing needs of society.

To kick off the conference, MBS will unveil the permanent installation of an original work of art crafted by MBS alum Xavier Cortada, a representation of the shifting seasons over the years as a result of climate change. The pieces, which were informed by a variety of business and seasonal data obtained in collaboration with MBS students, will depict the need to apply data analytics in business decision-making to find innovative and sustainable solutions that address the environmental challenges of our society.

As part of its commitment to continue developing strong leaders, MBS also launched a new brand image earlier this month with the tagline “Tomorrow lives here,” which portrays the school’s expertise, innovative thinking and forward-looking perspective in its approach to education. This new face for MBS goes in line with its vision for a future led by a generation of businessmen and women who have the ability to anticipate trends, adapt their fundamental skills and lead change.

“We are extremely proud of our history and the expertise that comes with it. And while we continue to shape the next generation of leaders, our more than 45,000 alumni are redefining business dynamics and serving as role models for the future generation of leaders,” concluded Dean Quelch.

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