Survey: One in Three Florida Seniors Think They Made a Mistake When Choosing Their Medicare Advantage Plan

Oct. 1, 2018 – A recent survey commissioned by Devoted Health found that 33 percent of Florida seniors polled felt they made a mistake when choosing their Medicare Advantage plan.

1 (2).jpg

The most common reason why, given by 66 percent of the dissatisfied respondents, was that they have more health needs than they did five years ago and their current plan is no longer sufficient. This sentiment was reflected by the nearly half of respondents (49 percent) who said their current plan did not cover enough.

Additionally, 32 percent of respondents who felt they chose the wrong plan said that something was missing from their relationship with their doctor.

Devoted Health Florida Market President Dariel Quintana says the Medicare Advantage open enrollment period that begins October 15 is a good time for seniors to assess their plans. A switch in healthcare plans or doctors could result in better care, coverage, or costs.

For half of survey respondents, what mattered most was finding a plan that had their doctor in-network, while 42 percent said they cared most about finding the best price for the right benefits.

“Seniors should make a list of what is important to them as a healthcare consumer, including prescription drugs, hospitals, and specific physicians,” Quintana said. “Writing this down is helpful in making sure they have a clear understanding of what their Medicare Advantage plan needs to do for them when they sit down with an insurance agent.”

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