Trico Tri: Happy Halloween a Spanglish Halloween comedy laughing into theaters Friday, September 28th, 2018

Sept. 27, 2018 – Today at the Sunset AMC Theater in Miami is the red carpet premiere of Trico Tri: Happy Halloween, a witty Spanglish comedy that hits theaters Friday, September 28th.

Spanglish Media Trico Tri Happy Halloween

The movie was filmed in Miami in an old abandoned home, better known as the haunted house that even santeros/saint makers are afraid to enter because of the paranormal spirits living inside. Unbeknownst to the new homeowners, a busy body neighbor called a ghost hunter, role played by Yamil and their grandmother called her friend, the santero, all with attempts to rid the spirits inside the home. A turn of events unravels that pokes at Hispanic culture.  Starring Kendall Vertes as the ghost, from the hit tv reality show, Dance Moms, also on dance tour, Irreplaceables. Also starring Carson Rowland, who stars in the Nickelodeon’s program, “I Am Frankie”.

A Spanglish Media and Swen Group production produced by Armando Gutierrez, a Cuban American from Miami who supports homegrown talents.  He plays the father figure that kept the rumors from his family when purchasing the new “big beautiful” home. Other film production credits include, Walt Before Mickey, and The Little Mermaid. An original script written by Yamil Piedra, a Cuban-American comedian, writer and actor. In Trico Tri, Yamil channeled his Cuban American heritage onto the big screen. A familiar acting face in, Burn Notice, Boston Legal and Bad Boys II. Movie directed by Christian Vogeler, an award-winning filmmaker. His short films Danny Boy and I Love New York have played in festivals worldwide. Other work credits working include, American Hustle, Silver Linings Playbook, NOAH, Captain Phillips, Boardwalk Empire and many other award-winning shows.

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