Leading Hair Care Brand GKhair at the Prestigious Premiere Orlando 2018

Sept. 24, 2018 – Stealing the show with its ravishing line of products and salon services, Team GKhair showed off their skill at the Premiere Orlando 2018 held at the Orange County Convention Center in Orlando, Florida. From June the 3rd to the 4th, audiences were left awed as the GKhair team inspired all present. It was the perfect platform for the leading salon professional hair care company to highlight its revitalizing and rejuvenating and services. The attending masses were thrilled by watching the team in action. Exhibiting services like The Best Hair Taming System which is ranked no.1 worldwide in hair smoothing, the results stunned viewers who saw models turn into gorgeous bombshells.

The event was hosted by Mr. Van Tibolli, Founder and C.E.O. of GKhair and Stephanie Bolivar renowned Beauty Queen and reality TV Host USA and saw attendees pouring in like Miss Teen International USA 18. GKhair Change Agents, the companies educators joined the event from all around the USA along with beauty gurus to see the newest from GKhair with Juvexin, an anti-aging protein blend patented by GKhair, helped hair with growth and health. The two-day event allowed the team also to deliver and explain demos about Juvexin Cream ColorThe Best, and many other of GKhair top notch products on various stunning models, bloggers, beauty queens, and influencers in the industry. The response from the audiences was highly positive as GKhair services and products were applauded one after the other. Style gurus and experts in the industry took a strong liking and some even developed a preference for all the Juvexin-infused goodies. The hype created along with the sensational showcase of skills and products at the event attracted a diverse crowd that helped it achieve immediate popularity. Click here to view a video of the event.

While sweeping the beauty industry off its feet, GKhair was able to make a huge impact at the show which is held annually and is known as one of the most prominent and prestigious events in the USA of beauty products for hair, nail and skincare professionals. The event was the successful result managed by the Premiere Show Group and is held each year to educate and create awareness. It also brings together a treasure of hair professionals that can connect with manufacturers and distributors which leads to beauty industry development and innovation. GKhair is all about beauty innovation and has promoted the stance to give customers what others can’t provide.

Also, Van Tibolli, founder and CEO of GKhair, has always delivered only the best that there is in the industry and prides himself in seeing what GKhair has achieved today.

GKhair is global hair innovation company that operates in more than 75 countries and caters to providing advanced products for hair care solutions. As an ever-expanding corporation, GKhair is set to become one of the leading names in the beauty industry.

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