South Florida Barber Launches Nonprofit to Provide Free Haircuts, Improve Lives for the Homeless

Sept. 17, 2018 – Greg Young, co-founder of barber shop Noblemen’s Cut and Shave today announced the launch of The Backpack Barber, a nonprofit initiative to help raise awareness and improve lives of the homeless in Downtown Fort Lauderdale. The nonprofit aims to make a positive impact on the community by providing support, free haircuts, and backpacks filled with hygiene supplies to the homeless, as well as raising awareness through visual storytelling and social media campaigns.

The man behind The Backpack Barber, Florida-native barber Greg Young urges the local community to join him in helping the less fortunate improve their lives while inspiring others to be the change they wish to see. As part of his initiative, Young regularly meets with the Fort Lauderdale homeless and cuts their hair. After the haircut, he gives each man or woman a backpack filled with hygiene products, water and a snack.

“I want to thank the local community who makes The Backpack Barber possible for their continued support,” said Greg Young, Founder of the nonprofit. “Even though we exist side-by-side with the homeless, people often choose to ignore them and pretend as if they didn’t exist at all. However, we are more alike than different – and this is the message The Backpack Barber is trying to get across – one haircut, one conversation at a time.”

Young himself is no stranger to life’s hardships. Raised by a single mother who struggled with addiction, Young spent his early adult years either in jail or in the streets where he often abused drugs and alcohol. Fortunately, Young was eventually able to turn his life around. He has remained sober for over five years and started a successful business as a barber.

However, Young never forgot where he came from, and the human kindness that has led him to where he is now. With the launch of The Backpack Barber, Young aims to bring this important conversation to light and demonstrate the simple ways anyone in the community can make a difference starting today.

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