Encoda LLC Streamlines Billing Operations for JWM Neurology

Aug. 31, 2018 – Encoda LLC, developer of patented medical billing technology that powers the nation’s most innovative and efficient medical business offices, implemented their flagship Encoda BackOffice™ platform at JWM Neurology. The solution enabled JWM to increase billing production without replacing its existing billing software and without hiring additional staff, which the fast-growing medical group was slated to do prior to partnering with Encoda.

JWM Executive Director, Herschal Jacquay, said “Encoda has proven to be an invaluable partner, enabling us to keep billing and collections expenses in check with a provider to billing staff ratio of 8 to 1, all while maximizing revenue.”

JWM Business Office Manager, Ruth Davis, stated, “We used to run several reports and review claims one at a time, jumping back and forth between our clearinghouse and billing system. Encoda enables us to work more efficiently now. We have everything needed to review, correct and resubmit claims on one screen. Claims transmit automatically through the day instead of waiting to be submitted or refiled, and we no longer wait on remits “lost in space”. All claim edits and notes made in Encoda BackOffice update automatically to our billing software, which reduces our workload tremendously.

Encoda CEO, Michael Kallish, added, “Encoda BackOffice is a perfect fit for JWM, which operates four tax-IDs across Greenway Health’s Prime Suite and Intergy billing systems. With Encoda Maestro Analytics desktop and mobile applications, JWM management can monitor and measure billing staff productivity and practice performance from anywhere at any time.

Founded in 2006, Encoda has been streamlining the revenue cycle workflows for forward thinking medical groups and medical billing companies nationwide.  In addition to licensing its patented application, Encoda routinely conducts Revenue Cycle Performance Reviews (Revenue-CPR) to identify inefficiencies in a medical provider’s revenue cycle process and uncover costly practice revenue leaks prevalent in today’s challenging healthcare reimbursement environment.

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