NAPCO Security Technologies Announces Purchase Order From Large South Florida School District

July 30, 2018 – NAPCO Security Technologies, Inc.(NASDAQ: NSSC) one of the world’s leading solutions providers and manufacturers of high tech electronic intrusion security, IoT connected home, video and fire systems, as well as enterprise-class access control and door locking products today announced that a large South Florida school district has ordered 195 Survivor Series Locks for use in its schools.

The Survivor Series Locks will be installed in the school buildings throughout this school district. These locks, made by NAPCO’s Marks Division, are high quality, longer lasting and lower maintenance than many competitors’ offerings. The economical cost of the locks allows the school to offer protection for its students and faculty while being budget conscious.

Richard Soloway, CEO of NAPCO, commented, “We are pleased to announce this project and look forward to being able to offer more capabilities in school safety for all schools and universities throughout the country. NAPCO has a full suite of products to fit every school’s budget and ensure that the students and faculty are protected. This project is another validation of the comprehensive approach that NAPCO has to securing schools in the United States.”

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