Florida Property Damage Appraiser Complete Inc Announces The Opening Of Key Largo Office

July 18, 2018 – Property Damage Appraiser John Minor with Complete, Inc. is announcing the opening of their Hurricane Irma office in Key Largo, Florida. Complete, Inc’s new office will help serve local Hurricane Irma storm damage related insurance claims for select property owner clients.

The Key Largo office is located at Mile Marker (MM) 97.7 at the top of the keys for easy access to Miami International Airport and the headquarters of many of their existing storm damage clients in South Florida. This office will have an ability to perform appraisal services including thermal imaging, USAS drone aerial inspections. The Complete Inc. can reach much of South Florida and the Florida Keys with no delay in scheduling. Since Alligator Alley is in the proximity, the team at Complete, Inc. can quickly access Naples and Marco IslandJohn Minor and team at Complete, Inc. expect to have a second response location for weather research after their experiences with Hurricanes Irma and Harvey since those storms hit last year.

Ray Gonzalez will be managing our new Key Largo office and has 25 years of experience in the industry. Ray has offered hurricane damage claims advice from Cudjoe Key to Biscayne Bay and across to Marco Island. Ray and his team’s experience include Hurricanes Andrew, Ivan, Katrina, Opal, and Fran. This experience includes knowledge of local insurance companies, contractors and sub-contractors. Every storm advances Complete, Inc.’s understanding of building techniques centered on the naturally abundant materials and the methods employed to tame a tropical environment.  The Key Largo office has taken a lead on tile procurement for the team chronicling every tile in every tile yard in the State.

For storm damage claims assistance including appraisals in the Florida Keys, please contact Compete, Inc. at their “305” phone number: (305) 330-1725. This number will be answered in the Key Largo office and backed by Complete’s full team in their Gulf Breeze headquarters, 24/7/365. John Minor states: “If you are interested in our services and in or near Key Largo Florida, Complete Inc. we will buy you lunch, lend a ladder or an assist in any way either side of the isle ‘mi casa, su casa’ or the office equivalent”.

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