Injured Veterans Step Back in History on Tampa Mafia Walking Tour

July 10, 2018 – Warriors and guests toured historic Ybor City during a recent Wounded Warrior Project (WWP) event. The area is rich with crime history and the sorted exploits of notorious public enemies.

Wounded Warrior Project Ybor City

“I love historical information and doing things with Wounded Warrior Project,” said Army veteran Cheryl Caves. “I feel safe with them.”

“Being a former history teacher, I was excited, as was my wife, to learn more about the city’s gritty mafia history,” said Marine Corps Reserve veteran Allan Dodsworth. “Also, to be honest, my wife really pushed me to get out and meet new people who are likeminded.”

WWP program events like this give wounded warriors and family members an opportunity to experience firsthand what is possible at social gatherings that get them out of the house and connect them with fellow service members and their communities.

Author and area historian Scott Deitche led and narrated the tour. Afterward, the group had lunch at a historic restaurant.

The 2017 WWP Annual Warrior Survey ( highlights the importance of opportunities for connection at WWP outreach events, which support the long-term recovery of warriors in environments that accommodate physical injuries and social anxieties. And its results are powerful.

“Wounded Warrior Project helped my wife and I survive a struggling marriage,” Allan said. “We now have people who stand by us and want us to succeed.”

“The organization has my deepest respect,” said National Guard veteran Ramiro Jaime. “Wounded Warrior Project helped me and my family during our adjustment to my war-related injuries. It was our time of need.”

“I knew a few of the warriors from other events, which helped me feel comfortable,” Cheryl said. “They’re my friends from my wounded warrior community.”

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