U.S. Hospitals See Patient Satisfaction Scores Improve with Implementation of EASE Medical App

July 5, 2018 – With 30 percent of hospital reimbursement tied to satisfaction scores, hospitals strive to improve patient experience in a value-based care system. Some invest millions into high-end atriums, plasma TVs and other hotel-like amenities. Others are choosing to prioritize communication, reporting improved scores after deploying the EASE medical app(Electronic Access to Surgical Events).

Orlando Health, a large system of community hospitals in Central Florida, saw a six percent overall increase in its patient satisfaction scores. Texas Children’s Hospital saw a jump from 87.5 percent to 96.7 percent in response to the HCAHPS survey question for the quality of information provided on the day of surgery.

The EASE medical app decreases waiting room anxiety with HIPAA-compliant video, image and text updates to families. EASE is transforming the patient experience by building more trust, increasing transparency of care, and establishing regular communication.

In a six-month study of EASE at one hospital, the technology raised the HCAHPS scores of key questions, including:

  • Six percent increase in response to how staff addressed emotional needs
  • 7.4 percent increase in response to the doctor’s ability to address questions and concerns
  • 4.3 percent increase in likelihood to recommend the hospital
  • 13 percent increase to the question of how doctor’s explained things in ways that could be understood

“We live in a world where people are accustomed to instant communication and expect it in all facets of their lives,” said Patrick de la Roza, CEO of EASE Applications. “EASE not only improves the family experience, but also improves clinical workflow by modernizing the way hospitals communicate. These scores and the influence on hospital choice noted by families proves our app has big return on investment for hospitals.”

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