Nala Cat + Lil BUB + Manny the Frenchie = A WHOLE Lot of Social Love for Halo’s Mission

June 26, 2018 – Halo announces leading feline “furfluencer” Nala Cat will join forces with the brand’s official spokespets Lil BUB and Manny the Frenchie to make a difference for all animals. Together, the trio of “furfluencers” with their combined 15 million+ pet loving followers will support Halo’s mission.


“We are thrilled to have Nala Cat band together with Lil BUB and Manny the Frenchie to use their voices to help convey Halo’s very important mission to consumers,” said Myron Lyskanycz, CEO for Halo. “Their combined social impact is instrumental in helping millions of pet parents understand how Halo is changing the way companion animals are fed and farm animals are raised.”

Now, three of Forbes magazine’s top-10 “most influential pets” choose Halo, providing a whole lot of social love for Halo ‘s mission.

Halo spokescat LIL BUB understands the importance of Halo’s mission and the real WHOLE meat diet that Halo provides her as well as the millions of shelter pets less fortunate than her. This is the first-time the famous feline with more than 5 million social followers and the founder of Lil BUB’s Big Fund for ASPCA, has ever endorsed a pet food.

Halo spokesdog Manny the Frenchie, also concurs with Halo’s mission. The most followed bulldog uses his fan base to help others through his non-profit, the Manny and Friends Foundation, and often touts Halo’s real WHOLE meat diets, as well as Halo’s vegan dog food on #meatlessmonday on social.

Nala Cat brings over 6 million social followers to Halo’s mission.  The lovable Siamese/tabby mix rescue is an ambassador for top brands like Google and Facebook, recently appeared on the Steve Harvey Show (entitled “The Most Famous Cat on the Internet”), was a Nickelodeon Kids’ Choice Award nominee, and is a Guinness World Record holder (most popular cat on Instagram). However, much of her time is devoted to helping less fortunate pets.

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