Global Online Marketplaces Summit in Miami to Draw Big Name Providers

June 13, 2018 – Starting on June 20th, leaders of online marketplace companies across the globe will gather in Miami to discuss trends shaping their industry and how to stay innovative in the face of rising competition.

iovox Ryan Gallagher

Companies such as Auto Trader UK, AutoWeb, MercadoLibre, OLX Group, eBay, and Facebook are among the many companies represented at the conference. Speakers include iovox co-founder and CEO, Ryan Gallagher, who will be leading a session titled “Protecting the privacy of buyers and sellers. How call tracking creates trust for your marketplace,” in partnership with David Coleman-Jones, product and service leader at Auto Trader UK.

Regardless of whether a marketplace is selling automobiles, homes, tractors or ceramics, the one common theme among them all is that their business depends on trust and safety among buyers and sellers.

“We’ve learned through our customers that trust is the unseen backbone of the marketplace business model,” said Ryan Gallagher. “We look forward to sharing a stage with AutoTrader UK while in Miami to tell more of the story about how call tracking plays an important role in building that trust.”

“Being the UK’s largest automotive marketplace means we have to constantly provide additional value to our customers and consumers. We do this in many ways and working with partners such as iovox always makes this easier,” said David Coleman-Jones, Product & Service Leader, Auto Trader UK. “Trust and security are foundational for our business and we look forward to sharing some best practices while in Miami.”

The Global Online Marketplace Summit in Miami from June 20-22 is the second of three conferences held annually. The first was in Bangkok earlier this year and the final event will be held in November in a European location to be announced. This summit brings together C-Level executives from around the world to share their insights. Industries represented include real estate, auto, jobs, fashion and general merchandise.

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