Get Hooked on Visually-Stunning Ocean Exploration

June 13, 2018 – This June, South Florida PBS’ Emmy-award winning original series, Changing Seas, returns with four brand-new and exciting episodes.

Viewers will uncover the latest dolphin communication research in “Dolphins: Breaking the Code,” as they meet scientists who’ve developed cutting-edge technology that correlates dolphins’ sounds and behavior.

“Cryptic Critters” explores the accidental discovery of a tiny worm-snail with Spiderman-like powers that could potentially impact the health of Florida’s delicate coral reef ecosystems.

And while American crocodiles have made an incredible comeback in South Florida, their fate is far less certain in Jamaica, where habitat loss and poaching are taking a serious toll on the population. “Lords of the Wetlands” introduces you to the conservationists who are hoping to save this ancient reptile from extinction.

And last, but not least, scan the flats with scientists who study some of Florida’s most popular game fish – bonefish, tarpon and permit. “Fishing the Flats for Science” showcases how modern tracking technology is providing insights into the fishes’ movements and spawning behaviors, key information to conserve the species.

“We’re thrilled to share some incredible, never before seen footage that allows us to tell these fascinating stories of exploration and new discoveries in marine science,” says Series Producer Alexa Elliott.


Wednesday June 20th8-9pm “Dolphins: Breaking the Code” & “Cryptic Critters”
Wednesday June 27th8-9pm “Lords of the Wetlands” & “Fishing the Flats for Science”

June 23rd5-6pm “Dolphins: Breaking the Code” & “Cryptic Critters”
June 30th5-6pm “Lords of the Wetlands” & “Fishing the Flats for Science”

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