FairWarning Hosts CISO Summit to Help Tackle Healthcare’s Most Pressing Future Challenges

June 13, 2018 – FairWarning, a leading provider of solutions that secure data in electronic health records and cloud-based applications, announced today that it will be hosting a Healthcare CISO Summit on June 14 and 15. The summit will bring together healthcare’s brightest minds to facilitate conversation and share best practices regarding healthcare’s most pressing future privacy and security challenges.

Enterprise health systems face growing threats to patient data in the form of evolved insider threats, drug diversion, identity theft and cybersecurity attacks. Compounded by the cybersecurity skills shortage and resource constraints, care providers are under mounting pressure to do “more with less” when it comes to their privacy and security programs. When properly vetted, care providers can use these powerful tools to bolster privacy and security initiatives so they can focus on improving patient care. Other topics that will be discussed at the event include:

  • AI for Healthcare Privacy and Security
  • OCR Audit Best Practices
  • Identity and Access Management
  • Drug Diversion

John Houston, vice president of Information Security and Privacy at UPMC, will discuss identity and access management.

“I am continually looking for better ways to detect anomalous activity,” said Houston. “Identity and access information is a rich source of information to be harvested. Unfortunately, too often this information is not readily available in a manner that allows it be effectively used.”

John will offer a path forward as to how care providers can effectively leverage identity and access information to draw deep insights into user activity.

“Our success at FairWarning is largely based upon listening to our thought-leading customers,” said Kurt Long, creator and CEO of FairWarning. “We are excited to bring together the brightest minds in healthcare in one place to discuss pressing industry challenges and ways to better secure patient data. The goal is to facilitate conversation regarding these challenges and provide key takeaways for other care providers so they can bolster their privacy and security initiatives to provide the best care possible to their patients.”

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