JetSmarter Makes Private Flying Even More Accessible With New Pay-As-You-Go Option

June 12, 2018 – JetSmarter, the world’s largest private aviation community, announces that they are extending their flight services to the public with a pay-as-you-go option.

This flexible, no-strings-attached model will give all app users access to JetSmarter flight services, without the commitment and annual fee of membership.

A market leader in the flight-sharing economy, JetSmarter democratized private aviation by making private jet travel affordable and accessible to its member community. Now, JetSmarter is opening their flight services to the masses; giving even more people the opportunity to experience aviation as it was meant to be.

As flight availability is directly tied to the number of people crowdsourcing flights, pay-as-you-go access will grow flight options exponentially by enabling anyone using the JetSmarter app with the ability to initiate an entire flight, pay only for the seats they need and share the rest of the aircraft with the community – saving thousands compared to traditional private travel.

Founder and CEO, Sergey Petrossov, explains what this means for existing members; “With more users to initiate custom flights, the JetSmarter community will continue to grow; ultimately driving the creation of new routes and flight frequency. With JetSmarter’s flight inventory determined by the flying community, both members and non-members alike will benefit from the increase in flight creation.”

With this access, users can book individual seats at market non-member rates, as well as enjoy the ability to create shared and private flights, backed by JetSmarter’s low-price guarantee. Flight creation – previously only available to members – gives fliers the freedom to select the aircraft, departure time and the number of seats needed; and save thousands by sharing extra seats with fellow fliers.

Crowdsourcing flights is easy with the app’s newest “share” button feature; which lets users share their created flight with anyone – members and non-members alike – via text, email, social media and more. Additionally, flight credits are rewarded to users who refer other non-members to book seats.

For more frequent fliers, the JetSmarter membership – which starts at $4,950/year – proves to be a valuable option, as members receive significant seat discounts, priority flight availability and access to luxury lifestyle benefits, 24/7 concierge, exclusive events and other perks.

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