CentralBOS LLC Hires Vice President of Operations and Finance

June 12, 2018 – CentralBOS LLC, a leading cloud-based ERP software provider, announced today that Kathy Semanate has joined as Vice President of Operations and Finance. Ms. Semanate brings over 20 years of experience helping companies evaluate their infrastructure and optimize their operations to add efficiencies and improve their bottom line.


“We’re extremely excited to have Kathy join the CBOS team. Her operational and accounting knowledge and her experience in helping businesses scale is critical to our growth,” stated Joe Meyer, Founder and CEO. “Kathy is always looking at how to become more efficient. She understands our clients’ needs as well as the company’s capabilities, and finds solutions that fit both parties. She brings a lot to the table.”

Prior to joining CentralBOS, Ms. Semanate served as an executive for a large homeowner insurance carrier providing leadership, management and vision to ensure the company had adequate controls and procedures in place. This allowed them to effectively grow the organization, its financial strength and operational efficiency.

Ms. Semanate was previously a financial controller for an international company in charge of the Latin America division. As a manager of internal audit and controls for a multinational corporation, she established the internal audit division creating a system of best practices for 13 divisions located across EuropeAsia and Latin America.

“I’m very excited to join CentralBOS,” said Ms. Semanate, Vice President of Operations and Finance. “Since I was introduced to the CBOS solution, I’ve envisioned numerous applications for this cloud-based ERP system especially for small to medium sized businesses. Joe Meyer’s years of business experience have allowed him to develop a product that can enable a smaller company to have the metrics and automation to operate like a Fortune 500 company with very little capital expenditure. The CBOS solution is fantastic, and I’m excited to help bring this amazing product to the market. It will truly transform companies by adding operational efficiencies, streamlined processes and access to real time company-wide data.”

Ms. Semanate is a licensed certified public accountant with Big 5 public accounting (Arthur Andersen) and international experience, which she integrates with her skills in management information systems.

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