RWB Construction Management Inc. Announces Its Transformation of Dale Construction After More Than 30 Years of Business

June 5, 2018 – After over 30 years of building custom oceanfront estates, Dale Construction is transitioning to RWB Construction Management, with Robert W. Burrage as CEO and founder. This transformation is the natural evolution of Timothy Dale’s retirement, as Robert has been managing the company in its entirety for more than five years.

RWB Construction Management

With this transition, RWB Construction Management has retained 100 percent of their staff, subcontractors and clients. Robert and his team’s primary focus during this exciting time is on providing a seamless changeover for all partners and clients.

As Robert states, “Timothy’s ability to see my potential as a young college student gave me the opportunity that I needed.” As the vice president and managing partner of Dale Construction, Robert has grown Dale Construction to levels it had never seen. With that, Robert comes into his new position equipped with the experience and professionalism required to build upon and enhance the company’s construction management and estate maintenance services.

RWB Construction Management intends to remain dedicated to providing accessibility, transparency and absolute commitment to current and future clientele and to continue to build upon the last three decades of prominence.

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