Orlando’s ‘Hudson Hotel’ to Receive $4M in Improvements

June 5, 2018 – Steven Michael, managing partner of Hudson Holdings LLC, will oversee the upcoming property modernization along with the transfer of management of the Hudson Hotel in Orlando, Florida.

The announcement follows Hudson Holdings buy-out of their Limited Partner and subsequent loan refinancing.  Management has been replaced and the property will undergo $4M in improvements.  All 403 rooms and common areas will be modernized with carefully planned amenities and furnishings. Steven Michael says, “Our guests will be able stay in one of the premier properties in the Kissimmee 192 Corridor at a very reasonable rate.  As hotel costs climb, we are committed to keeping ours down.  We’re in this for the long haul and aim to create lasting guest relations.”

The luxurious $3 billion Magic Place Development is being built right across the street from the Hudson Hotel.  Combine the nearby $750M Margaritaville Resort and a spate of other area developments and its clear Osceola County is experiencing a Real-Estate Renaissance.

Steve Michael sees his hotel upgrade as a way to elevate guest experience. “Today’s traveler has more options than ever and simply providing a bed is no longer adequate.  From check-in, staff interactions, and room appointments, we aim to provide a lasting pleasant experience. You’ll remember your vacations for the rest of your life.  Our goal is to make that memory a special one.”

The Kissimmee 192 Corridor’s transformation is underway and the Hudson Hotel is proud to be part of it.

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