CEO of Bonita Springs Franchisor Earns Hall of Fame Nod

June 4, 2018 – Strong leadership and a commitment to partnership will take you far in the franchising business. Tim Evankovich, founder and CEO of Bonita Springs-based Oasis Senior Advisors, was recently inducted into The Cleaning Authority Hall of Fame for his stewardship of the company’s remarkable growth during his time as president.

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Evankovich and former business partner Steve Robinson took The Cleaning Authority, a franchisor based in the Baltimore-Washington area, from a single location in 1989 to a thriving enterprise with more than 185 outposts across North America by 2014, when Evankovich sold his stake. The lessons Evankovich learned with The Cleaning Authority are now fueling the rapid success of Oasis, which has opened 67 franchises in its first four years of existence.

“What I’m most proud of is helping franchisees become successful,” Evankovich said. “The stronger you support your franchise owners, the stronger the system you have, and the more success you’re going to have within your franchise organization.”

By the end of his time at The Cleaning Authority, the average yearly gross revenue per franchise was $1 million. The company expanded at the rate of one new franchise a week between 2002 and 2003. Those numbers showed Evankovich that he could empower Oasis franchise owners to become successful as well, and the experience helped him build Oasis on the foundation of personal service that helps clients along every step of their journey to senior housing.

“The vision has to be right at the top to get everybody on the same page and moving in the same direction,” Evankovich said.

The value of collaboration became clear as Evankovich and Robinson shepherded the business once known as Mighty Maids through a quarter-century of ups and downs that ultimately led to triumph. Evankovich and Robinson were inducted together into the Hall of Fame during The Cleaning Authority’s recent annual convention in Minneapolis.

“Partnerships are very tough and challenging, but Steve and I figured out a way to work together for 25 strong years and still remain the closest of friends,” Evankovich said.

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