Melbourne Detailer & Pres of IDA Opens Official Detailing Success Training Center, Certifying Detailers Along Eastern Seaboard

May 30, 2018 – It has been a successful year for Melbourne automotive detailer Justin “JL” Labato (CD, SV, RT) who is proving washing cars for a living can be a very prestigious and lucrative line of work! Having been elected president of the International Detailing Association (IDA) in January, and as a dually certified automotive detailer by the Detailing Success Network and the IDA as a Recognized Trainer (RT), Labato has officially launched one of only four Detailing Success “Extreme Detailing” Training Centers in the country, at his Melbournelocation at 515 S Wickham Road.

Held quarterly with upcoming dates set for Saturday, July 7, and another date planned before the end of the year, probably in November, these 1-day, “Extreme Detailing” courses focus on certifications in the use of Double Black’s “Game Changer” car care line, Inspiration ceramic coating, the proper operation of Flex power buffers, and the application of Glassparency glass protection. Detailers from the Eastern Seaboard are welcomed to attend and receive their certifications.

Labato was also just selected for his fourth term on the 2018 Air Force One Detailing Team by Master automotive and aircraft detailer and trainer Renny Doyle of Detailing Success, making JL the first president of the IDA to serve on the prestigious team. Senior members like Labato are part of a mentoring and leadership division known as the Detail Mafia.

The IDA is the leading industry association for professional detailing operators, suppliers, and consultants. They are dedicated to promoting the value of professional detailing services to consumers, while making it easy for customers to contact an IDA-certified detailer in their area.

Labato’s RT designation qualifies him to train and certify new detailers according to IDA standards. He has in the past year, held two unofficial detail training events, but is now officially designated a Detailing Success Training Center, backed by the IDA.

The Double Black line is a rapidly expanding private label car care line manufactured and distributed by P&S Sales for Doyle who is known internationally as the “Detailer of Air Force One” having restored the original presidential jet Air Force One over the past 15 years from complete deterioration to an annual preservation event involving other multimillion-dollar historic aircraft housed at Seattle’s Museum of Flight. Labato is currently a 2018 team leader and has served or been selected for the team for the past five years.

Labato has served the past two years on the Mothers Polish Team for Barrett Jackson and has made guest appearances with AutoGeek’s Mike Phillips on Velocity TV’s Competition Ready. He is lead global detailing consultant for Buff & Shine Manufacturing, a major sponsor of the annual Air Force One Detailing Project.

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