CGA Signs 3 Year Miami Beach Traffic Engineering Contract

May 29, 2018 – On May 10, 2018, Calvin, Giordano & Associates, Inc. (CGA) signed the contract for General Transportation Planning and Traffic Engineering Services for the City of Miami Beach. Eric Czerniejewski, PE, ENV SP, CGA’s Director of Traffic Engineering, will lead the project team which consists of Tindale Oliver (transit planning, transit-oriented development, and facilities planning), Toole Design Group (transportation planning and complete streets design), CALTRAN Engineering (traffic data collection), Lambert Advisory (economic and financial analysis), and Roar Media (public involvement and outreach).

1 (6).jpg

Under this three-year contract, with 2 one-year extensions, the CGA project team will provide the City with traffic engineering analysis and design, short- and long-range transportation planning, transit-oriented development planning, facilities planning and development, public participation, financial planning and analysis, environmental sustainability analysis, transit intermodal facility development and urban design services.

CGA anticipates the resulting Task Work Orders under this contract will focus on supporting the City’s Transportation Master Plan and Bicycle Pedestrian Master Plan goals. These goals include (1) Prioritizing pedestrians first; (2) Providing reliable, convenient, and consistent transit service and infrastructure; (3) Developing a safe, connected, and consistent bicycle network throughout the entire City; (4) Providing accessible and convenient off-street parking facilities; (5) Ensuring most, if not all, planned developments are in concurrence with the expected capacity levels and the multi-modal vision for the transportation network; and (6) Planning for the efficient freight mobility and delivery of goods within the City.

Understanding this, CGA assembled a broad interdisciplinary team with the expertise to address improvements to transportation infrastructure within constrained streets, implement projects that prioritize all modes of transportation, provide green sustainable infrastructure design recommendations, coordinate transportation, and land use decisions, and implement a public outreach program that includes all stakeholders.

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