CEO of Priority Life Insurance Group Brings New Location Back Home to Boca Raton, Florida

May 29, 2018 – Though he found himself a professional golfer upon graduating from Florida State UniversityBoca Ratonborn Nick Ayala has shattered the glass wall of the business world and now claims the title of CEO for Priority Life Insurance Group.  If you could personify entrepreneurship, Ayala is who you’d see.

1 (5).jpg

Featured as one of Entrepreneur 360’s top entrepreneurs in 2017 for innovation and leadership, Nick launched his own marketing company, focused on generating leads for professionals in the insurance industry. Immediately, Ayala began noticing huge opportunities and how to avoid walls and decided that creating an SOP for an Insurance business was just what was needed. His approach was unparalleled, employeecentric and focused on creating empowerment, paths to ownership, affordable means to licensure and rewards for arduous work. His vision: to create a team of first-rate professionals with a passion for helping people and their families.

“As CEO, I manage our operations and project our growth and ensure we have the means to see that growth. I pride myself on making sure our agents have the best tools available and that they are educated and empowered to help people.  I want all of our agents to see immediate results.  But what I do at the core is simpler. I ensure the people that work for us are happy, live the quality of life they want, deserve, and can afford to raise their families and thrive over working to sustain.  I believe this vested interest in our agents reflects in their work ethic and the lengths they take to really guide and invest in the best interest of our clientele.  Our people and who they will help – they are the core of what we do,” Ayala said.

Priority Life has become an innovative insurance e-tailor that writes policies specializing in Mortgage Protection, Final Expense, Annuities, Whole Life, Medical Supplement, Retirement Protection and Planning amongst others.  Priority Life is even making it less expensive for HealthConscious individuals to get covered. “The goal is to have locations in all 50 states and we plan on delivering on that goal quickly,” says Ayala.

“Investing in our people, becoming a value to our clientele – this is where you will see our success.  Created and sustained by our agents’ commitment to success and longevity with this company, supported by our honorable mission and contagious vision of a future of industry leaders and entrepreneurs across America.”

We’d say this is a new neighbor to look out for, with nowhere to go but up!

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