Geriatric Pets Finally Getting Solution for Pain and Discomfort With the Prana Pets Senior Citizen Pet Formula

May 14, 2018 – Prana Pets announces its launch of the Senior Citizen Dog Bundle to treat pain symptoms in older pets from arthritis and canine hip dysplasia. The combination includes CBD for dogs or cats as well as a joint and muscle supplement so that older pets experience less pain, are able to play and can walk up and down steps again.

The combination of the joint health supplement and the CBD for cats or dogs offers a highly effective treatment for older animals that are experiencing problems with mobility because of joint pain. The Pet CBD oil is a full-spectrum oil and is organic, allowing pets to receive all of the benefits that it offers.  This product is know as our Senior Citizen Pet Formula.

Prana Pets wanted to offer its customers a solution for their pets that are aging. As they grow older, many pets are unable to climb stairs, play catch or engage in other activities that they used to enjoy because of arthritis pain or canine hip dysplasia. The Senior Citizen Dog Bundle is designed to help both elderly cats and dogs that are in pain so that they are more comfortable and able to enjoy improved mobility.

Customers of Prana Pets love the difference that the Senior Citizen Dog Bundle makes for their pets. A very happy recipient of the Senior Pet Formula, Carli S. of Las Vegas, Nevada, states, “We started giving this to Macy when she turned 14 and we could tell she was in lots of pain. Within a few days, her mood changed and she was able to get up and down the stairs again and even was playing with our puppy. We are so grateful for the Senior Dog Bundle”.  Jenny G. of Davie, Florida, says that she “will always be a customer”.  She writes that she gave her elderly collie the Senior Citizens Pet Bundle, and has seen significant improvements in his mobility. Her dog has multiple problems, including arthritis and hip dysplasia, and she says that he now seems to be in less pain and is able to navigate stairs again.  Prana Pets customers have reported great results for use on Cats also.

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