Commission Free Private Flight Has Arrived

May 10, 2018 – Palm Beach based BlueSky Jets is rolling out a program that will pull back the veil on the private jet booking process. Commission free private flight has arrived, and they call it Sapphire Membership.

BlueSky Jets Sapphire Membership

The private jet charter industry has been overrun with new models, all purportedly designed to change the private aviation industry. BlueSky Co-founder David Levy explains “All these new programs are just repackaged old programs. The landscape has now changed, no one can compete with Sapphire because it delivers where all other models fail, we have changed the industry.” David Levy sees commission as a conflict of interest that only creates confusion and mistrust. Levy says BlueSky Jets is in the business of servicing clients at the highest level, not negotiating with them. Levy went on to say, “Private flyers have absolutely no idea what they are paying in fees, especially with jet card programs. Sapphire offers cost efficiency and transparency, never seen before in private aviation.”

“Our service is supposed to be about convenience and luxury, instead clients shop programs and brokers like car dealers, doing all they can to secure the best deal,” says Anthony Costanzo Co-founder of BlueSky Jets. Costanzo explains, eliminating price shopping became the sole focus of the company, the result was Sapphire Membership. Costanzo states, This is by far the most aggressive program in private aviation, saving our clients thousands each time they fly.”

BlueSky Jets reports that membership is growing rapidly as more and more flyers learn about the program. Anthony Costanzo states, We are thrilled with the response; private flyers instantly see the value proposition we are offering.” BlueSky has created a program that puts the client first, with a transparent system of booking that could forever change the way people book a private jet.

BlueSky’s resume of clients includes high-powered business executives, A-list celebrities, and professional athletes; in fact, they were even tapped to handle high-density aviation needs for the 2015 -2016 -2017 NBA Finals.

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