Shoflo Changes the Way Sports Game Presentation Teams Build Rundowns

May 8, 2018 – Shoflo, an Orlando based software company whose software is used by professional and collegiate game presentation teams, has recently released Global Element Manager (GEM) – an all new way to build game presentation scripts and rundowns with re-usable elements.

Shoflo is a web application used around the world every day by professional and collegiate game presentation teams as well as live, corporate event and broadcast teams to produce and manage their shows.

The Global Element Manager is a game changer for sports production teams in particular as they are often working on multiple game scripts at the same time with very similar elements. Using GEM, production teams can build global elements once and then simply drag & drop them across multiple game scripts. This dramatically reduces the time it takes to build game scripts throughout the season.

“Baseball has the most games of any sport, so we don’t get a lot of time on our script. So it was really nice that [Shoflo] was a very quick process to go from one script to the next.”

    –  David Akers, Philadelphia Phillies

“Shoflo has been working with professional and collegiate production teams for over 4 years… GEM is something that we identified by talking with our customers about their challenges…  it’s a whole new way to build game scripts and I’m super pumped to finally bring this to the sports production market.”

    –  Brian Mauger, Sales Director at Shoflo

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