Live Music Tutor and National Educational Music Company Delivers First Instruments to Music Helps Heal Campaign

May 4, 2018 – Live Music Tutor, a public benefit corporation, and the National Education Music Company have delivered the first shipment of instruments to the School District of Osceola County as a result of the campaign. The first shipment was about $20,000 of instruments; Yamaha trombones, trumpets, clarinets and flutes, Sonor xylophones, Mapex drums, and others. The campaign was started to help the students displaced from Puerto Rico and the Virgin Islands due to hurricane Maria and is using music to address the emotional and social needs caused by the storm. Many local businesses and organizations have donated instruments, and some have provided cash and grant opportunities.  With over 2,600 students displaced and 25-50 additional arriving daily this number will continue to climb.

“Our community has rallied together to show their support for these young musicians that have been impacted by Hurricane Maria.  Music has the power to heal and we are grateful to our donors that have helped these students on their healing journey through the gift of music,” says Pam Haas, Fine and Performing Arts Resource Specialist SDOC.

PJ Schitter Sr. Director of LMT says, “We are excited to be able to provide these instruments to the district in support of the campaign and we believe that this is only the beginning. Providing these instruments and getting the community involved to donate money or instruments to this cause and to help the continued advancement of the music program at SDOC is awesome.  These kids have been through soooo much and any contributions that comes from the community will be greatly appreciated!” says Schitter.

Disney, The Universal Foundation and the Mr. Holland Opus Foundation have already provided tremendous support to this initiative and we will be soliciting the entire Central Florida family to assist.  We are seeking used instruments as well as financial donations that will be used for more instruments and the additional bi-lingual instruction needed through Live Music Tutor to support these students in day school or after school settings.

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