Miami Based Artist Cedrik Cavallier Gives New York a Taste of Miami’s “Metaphysical Landscapes”

May 3, 2018 – An innovative exploration of color and introspection, Cedrik Cavallier’snewest collection “Metaphysical Landscapes” will be exhibited at Superfine! NYC art fair starting May 2 through May 6adjacent to the High Line and the Whitney Museum of American Art.

Cedrik Cavallier Art

Cavallier’s newest collection features brilliant hues full of depth and a futuristic, barren setting, to create an atmosphere of positive isolation. His work focuses on the connections between the individual experience of selfreflection to emote a universal subconscious struggling with external and internal turmoil. “There is no complication through concepts, just the invention of shapes and color to create a personalized view of the present.” His vibrant use of color and brush strokes has evolved to emote tranquility and beauty amongst turmoil, subtly encouraging the viewer to reflect on the state of their inner and outer world.

Raised amongst the vibrant nature and artistic setting of Provence, France, Cavallier’s search for meaning has taken him to the far corners of the world such as DjiboutiMexicoMaliZanzibarSri Lanka, and Ethiopia, traveling extensively in search for inspiration in culture and nature. His background studies in Les Beaux Art in Avignon have taken on new shapes with the addition of cultural influences such as calligraphy and tribal art.

The Superfine! Exhibition will be catalyst for a future project of Cavallier’s involving the combination of art and meditation to achieve an equilibrium of mind, body and soul. His lessons will focus on creating a state of introspection in which underlying themes of conflict and resolutions can be brought to the surface. “You can shape your life through reflection on the energy you emit and process.” Practice and patience being the key towards finding equilibrium.

Cavallier expresses both in his artwork and personal view of the world that “the link between meditation and art is that both are practices of reflection that improve our ability to see ourselves clearly through time and effort.” Both his work and his lessons focus on transcending into the metaphysical through openness and honest self-examination.

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