Rejuvenate Cuts Floor Cleaning Time in Half!

May 1, 2018 – Clean floors means a clean home, but the constant juggle between a mop and a bucket or constantly refilling other spray mops makes floor cleaning a dreaded chore – until now! Unlike ordinary mops, the new Rejuvenate Click n Clean™ Multi-Surface Spray Mop System helps you speed clean every flooring surface so fast, you’ll be left with nothing but time and energy to enjoy your spring and summer activities. The Click n Clean combines the proven cleaning technology of Rejuvenate’s top-rated floor cleaners with an innovative mop design that transitions surface-to-surface with ease.


“If you’re tired of having to switch mops when cleaning surface-to-surface or feel you’ve wasted time just searching for the right solution for each floor, then this is the mop for you,” said Joe McDonnell, CEO and founder of Rejuvenate and inventor of the Click n Clean. “From hardwood and laminate to tile, grout and even carpet, the Click n Clean™ mop system allows you to click, clean and go. It’s so easy – and fun – that believe it or not, even your kids will start cleaning the floors.”

The Click n Clean™ system includes machine washable, microfiber dusting and cleaning pads, a super scrub pad and click-on grout brush that securely and easily attach to the flexible swivel mop head. An extra sturdy yet light-weight aluminum handle features a comfortable power grip with mechanical trigger to activate a gentle mist nozzle to lay down an even amount of cleaner and is designed to glide easily over floors and maneuver under tight spaces. Best part, there’s no reservoir to refill. Simply take any of the Rejuvenate Cleaners you have under your sink, remove the trigger sprayer, and attach the included bottle adapter, and viola! You’ve just created a cleaning cartridge that plugs directly into your mop.

“It’s a one-size-does-all mop,” added McDonnell. “The Click n Clean™ mop system offers the ultimate flexibility for spring cleaning tailored not only to your home’s floors, but to your cleaning style.”

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