Lynn University Designs Its Future

May 1, 2018 – Lynn University today unveiled an ambitious new strategic plan, Lynn 2025. It establishes three priorities: engage constituents; elevate the Lynn experience; and expand programs, services, and capabilities.

The plan features a blend of experimentation and strategic opportunism that President Kevin M. Ross says is a hallmark of the Lynn way.

1 (7).jpg

“We have innovative ideas for curriculum, technology and campus design, but also want to leave room for the unexpected,” he said. “We accomplished 51 initiatives in our last plan, but also made time to take advantage of opportunities such as hosting a presidential debate and leverage new technology to launch iPad-powered learning.”

Students, staff, faculty, alumni and administrators designed the new plan through exercises led by CIO Christian Boniforti. The approach, which he modeled after the design thinking process taught at Stanford’s, identifies people’s unmet needs and priorities and provides a framework to design technologically feasible and economically viable solutions.

“Design thinking begins with a focus on ‘end users,’ and their unmet needs and priorities. It provides a framework for Lynn’s community to work collaboratively to solve problems and identify opportunities,” said Boniforti.

Lynn University is defiantly optimistic about the future, and we’ve always been that way. We believe that we have a better future ahead of us, but it’s not just going to land in our laps. It is our job to create it,” Ross said.

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