Braskem Launches New Prisma 6810 Resin Offering an Unmatched Balance of Transparency, Stiffness, and Impact Toughness for Thermoforming Applications

April 30, 2018 – Braskem, the largest thermoplastics resins producer in the Americas and the worldwide leader in bio-polymers, launched its new Prisma 6810 thermoplastic resin, offering its clients an unmatched balance of transparency, stiffness, and impact toughness for thermoforming applications.  The new Prisma 6810 resin is launching at Braskem’s client and partner pavilion at NPE 2018 – The Plastics Show, the world’s leading plastics trade show and conference.

Braskem Prisma

Braskem’s Prisma 6810 thermoplastic resin provides an exceptional combination of characteristics not typically seen in single resin solutions, including the toughness of an impact copolymer, with stiffness and haze values approaching that of a clarified homopolymer. This unique set of properties offers clients an attractive new option for an assortment of widely used packaging applications such as refrigerated deli containers, cold blended drink cups, meat or seafood trays, and much more. With consumers increasingly preferring clearer transparency containers, Braskem clients were looking for new single pellet resin solutions that do not require the addition of an elastomer to achieve the desired performance characteristics.  Prisma 6810 also maintains its ductile characteristics at temperatures as low as negative 10 degrees Celsius.

Isla Regenye, Braskem America Market Segment Leader, stated, “At Braskem we are always striving to deliver innovative packaging solutions to our clients that offer enhanced performance characteristics as well as support new product applications. Our new Prisma 6810 thermoplastic resin delivers on this promise and reinforces our commitment to the thermoforming market, which is a strategic growth area for us. We believe Prisma 6810 meets the market’s growing preference for clearer containers and that its unparalleled performance properties make it an ideal new candidate for material replacement opportunities.”

Braskem will be hosting clients and partners interested in Prisma 6810 at the Braskem pavilion #S22001 at NPE 2018 being held at the Orange County Convention Center in Orlando, Florida from May 7 to 11, 2018.

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