SlimFast Partners with PinchMe to Soft Launch the All New SlimCafé

April 24, 2018 – Today SlimFast makes its latest innovation, SlimCafé, available to PinchMe followers, for an early preview.  Two new flavors, Mocha Macchiato and Caramel Cappuccino will hit store shelves in a couple of weeks.

Crafted from real brewed coffee and milk, these rich and creamy iced beverages are a true indulgence. SlimCafé offers consumers a smarter creamy coffee choice, with a boost of natural energy. It has ZERO added sugar and 82% less sugar than other coffeehouse beverages^.  And with 10g of protein and only 120 calories, SlimCafé is a smart snack that can be enjoyed while following the clinically proven SlimFast Plan… or not.

“Whether you’re simply watching your calories or trying to lose weight, one thing we know for sure is people never want to give up their coffee,” states SlimFast CEO Chris Tisi. “We set out to find a way to give people that delicious, decadent flavor they expect from a latte, without all of the sugar and calories.”

Find SlimCafé exclusively at select Walmart locations, in the Grocery Beverage Aisle, starting May 5th.  To find a store near you, visit

^82% less sugar as compared to Starbucks® Doubleshot Coffee and Protein, caramel or dark chocolate 11oz can.

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