Live Music Tutor and National Educational Music Company Announce Partnership to Redefine Distant Learning and the Music Products Industry

April 20, 2018 – Live Music Tutor, a public benefit corporation and the world leader in providing quality online music lessons to schools, individuals and other groups, and National Educational Music Company, a leader in the school music sales and rental instrument business, have formed a strategic partnership. This partnership will provide the opportunities for K-12 schools across the country to supplement their current music program or for those schools that do not have a music program to develop a full band, choral, orchestra, piano and guitar program via LMT technology and now to be able to provide instruments through a lease/buy program via NEMC.  This is a tremendous opportunity and shift in paradigm for the industry that will combine education and retail while helping schools with historically tight budgets have quality or enhanced programs.

“School Music programs are under constant pressure for survivability due changes in annual funding, shifting populations and teaching priorities. Realizing these changes and knowing that many schools invest heavily in their IT infrastructure, we saw a really exciting opportunity to partner with NEMC giving school administrators a turn-key solution providing the technology, educators and musical instruments,” says Ted Gee, president of Live Music Tutor. “Demand for our services and our resources in K-12 schools continues to skyrocket.

“Partnering with Live Music tutor was a natural for NEMC because both organizations have a shared vision of the importance of arts education to our society,” says Ron Beaudoin CEO National Educational Music Company.” This new partnership will enable schools and school groups to enhance their music education offerings by providing state of the art distant learning solutions and the needed instruments and related materials of instruction in one convenient and affordable package”.

Live Music Tutor and the National Educational Music Company will start offering these shared services immediately to schools and after-school programs.

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