bioGO Introduces ‘BioProduction Agility’ to Accelerate Biotech Innovation

April 19, 2018 – Germfree has released bioGO this week in New York at INTERPHEX.  The biomanufacturing platform represents a completely new approach to quick and flexible production space. The company created bioGO in response to limited and rigid infrastructure options for launching biopharmaceutical projects. The Adaptive Platform delivers advanced mobile and modular bioprocess suites that provide an unprecedented level of flexibility and scalability to keep up with the rapid pace of innovation.

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In recent years, the number of new biotech startups and emerging therapeutics has skyrocketed. Unfortunately, many biopharmaceutical projects lack viable R&D and production space. Bioprocess engineering and technologies have continued to advance. However, infrastructure options that bring speed and flexibility have lagged. This has created the demand for facilities that are optimized for the current stage of development and can be readily scaled up as production needs increase.

“The bioGO Platform represents the future of GMP compliant cleanrooms and biocontainment spaces,” according to Kevin Kyle, President of Germfree. “Our facilities are fully adaptable to customer requirements and process changes. bioGO Mobile can literally be rolled up for a campaign, or any short-term need, while bioGO Modular offers permanent installations that can still be repurposed and relocated. Our proprietary technology for connecting multiple bioGO units allows for maximum flexibility of size and layout. These factory-built modules provide a fast-track to a validated bioprocessing suite, normally in half the time of traditional construction.”

Improving operational efficiency in early stage drug development is critical to accelerating time to market. This is particularly important for the biopharmaceutical sector, which requires ‘bioproduction agility’. This means readily adapting to smaller scale production, matching ‘space-to-process’ and handling reconfigurations or requirements for biocontainment. Germfree’s flexible platform is engineered to solve these challenges.

“Our team of professionals has been providing highly technical cleanroom and biocontainment facilities for over 20 years. Germfree has more experience and global installations than any other provider,” continues Kyle. “Our 173,000 square foot factory in Ormond Beach, FL has an open-door policy.  We look forward to demonstrating how the new bioGO Fast-Track Adaptive Platform delivers true bioproduction agility.”

Germfree has been a global manufacturer of aseptic control and isolation systems for 55 years. The company designs and manufactures a diverse range of equipment and facilities for life science applications in the biotech, healthcare, laboratory research and biopharmaceutical sectors. Germfree pioneered many technologies for mobile and modular facilities that provide critical aseptic control and high levels of biocontainment (up to BSL-3). These units operate across the world and are sustainable as permanent facilities in remote regions with harsh conditions. This experience and expertise, combined with new market demands led to the development of the new bioGO™ Mobile and Modular Fast-Track Adaptive Platform. The company is based in Ormond Beach, Florida, US.

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