Medalla Light Arrives to the Florida Market

April 18, 2018 – Medalla Light, Puerto Rico’s top-selling light beer brand, arrived in Floridathis month ready to reconnect with its many fans in the Puerto Rican community, while making new ones among beer lovers from all backgrounds.

1 (3).jpg

Award-winning Cervecera de Puerto Rico, which has crafted Medalla Light for 80 years, teamed up with Orlando-based Titan Products of Puerto Rico for wide distribution of the product in Florida. Titan’s portfolio has more than 60 Puerto Rican brands, including Titan, La Aguadillana, Sofrito Montero, Marvel, Serranito, Indulac and Lotus juices.

“This is something many Puerto Ricans in the diaspora have been yearning for,” said Grace Marie Valdés, president of Cervecera de Puerto Rico. “For them, Medalla is more than just a beer, it is a flavorful connection to their beloved island that brings back memories of beach outings with family and friends. It is an honor to bring to them the brewing tradition my family began eight decades ago.”

Medalla Light is available at 60 Walmart stores and Walmart Neighborhood Supermarket, Sam’s Club, Sedano’s Supermarkets and Winn-Dixie stores across the Central Florida. It can also be found in selected establishments in South Florida and Jacksonville.

Medalla Light is iconic,” said Rafael Juliá, Titan Products of Puerto Rico’s director of sales and marketing. “It is probably the one Puerto Rican product that boricuas in Florida have missed and yearned for the most. It is an honor and a great achievement to incorporate Medalla Light to our expansive portfolio.”

Jorge Bracero, Cervecera de Puerto Rico’s chief marketing officer, said the company has gone through great lengths to make sure flavor, freshness and quality remain intact in the importation process.

“This is the same Medalla Light we enjoy in the island,” Bracero said. “Same taste, same refreshing qualities. We are also making it affordable to all, so that our customers can buy it in Florida for a price similar to what they pay for it in Puerto Rico rather than paying imported beer prices.”

Medalla Light is available in 10-ounce six can packs and 12 packs, and has 98 calories, three carbohydrates, and 4.2% alcohol per volume. It is best known for its golden color, premium ingredients and a clean, refined taste. The beer pairs well with a wide variety of cuisines or as a standalone light adult beverage.  Moreover, Medalla Light has won multiple global awards in major beer competitions, including Monde Selection in Brussels, the North American Beer Awards and the Australian International Beer Awards.

Cervecera de Puerto Rico is a family-owned business founded in 1937 in Mayaguez, in Puerto Rico’s western coast. The company also owns Malta India, a non-alcoholic malt-based soft drink very popular in the Caribbean and readily available in Florida.

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