Intezyne CEO E. Russell McAllister Selected as Tampa Bay CFO of the Year Finalist

April 6, 2018 – Intezyne, a clinical-stage biopharmaceutical company developing novel anti-cancer therapies, announced that the company’s Chief Executive Officer (and former Chief Financial Officer), E. Russell McAllister, has been selected by the Tampa Bay Business Journal as one of twenty 2018 CFO of the Year honorees, one of only three CFO of the Year honorees in the Small Company category (based on 2017 revenues).

1 (7).jpg

“We are delighted that Russell was selected as one of the Tampa Bay Business Journal’s nominees in light of his significant and ongoing contribution to both Intezyne and the emerging life sciences industry in the Southeast United States,” said David K. Robb, Director and President and Chief Operating Officer of Gaston Capital. “In November 2017, Intezyne’s $10M Series A Preferred round, was recognized as ‘Deal of the Year: Initial Funding’ at the 19th Annual Southeast BIO (SEBIO) Investor & Partnering Forum, an award which recognizes both the companies and the individuals that are driving the growth of the Southeast’s life sciences industry – and earlier in 2017, Intezyne was selected by Bioflorida as one of the top four emerging biopharmaceutical companies in Florida. Of those top four companies, Russell was CFO of two of them – hardly a coincidence, in our opinion.”

“Drawing on our extensive investment experience, Gaston Capital Partners focuses on finding and investing in small private companies – predominantly those in the Southeast – poised for explosive growth,” said Michael K. (Mick) McMahan, founder and Managing Partner of Gaston Capital. “With a compelling and disruptive oncology product candidate portfolio that addresses potentially unmet medical needs in challenging indications such as gastric cancer, which, while an orphan disease in the United States, is nevertheless the third leading cause of cancer mortality in China, Intezyne has the sort of explosive investment potential that we seek. As a result, Intezyne was the lead investment in the Gaston Capital Healthcare Fund.”

Intezyne currently has two clinical-stage programs: IT-139, a novel Cancer Resistance Pathway (CRP) inhibitor for the treatment of pancreatic, gastric and other cancers in combination with existing anti-cancer therapies, and IT-141, a novel topoisomerase I (TOP-I) inhibitor for the treatment of colorectal and breast cancers. IT-139 was granted an Orphan Drug Designation (ODD) in pancreatic cancer in early 2017, and Intezyne expects to initiate one or more Phase 1/2 studies of IT-139 by early 2019.

“In light of an honoree group that includes peers from such prestigious entities as Moffitt Cancer Center, I am humbled to have been selected as a finalist,” said E. Russell McAllister, CEO. “Momentum continues to build at Intezyne, and I look forward to leveraging our team’s capabilities to develop breakthrough products that significantly improve outcomes for patients – which should, in turn, deliver ‘explosive growth’ for Mick and our other valued investors in a relevant time-frame.”

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