Cordon Bleu-Educated Begoña Lluch Bringing Joy and Healthy Eating

April 6, 2018 – In the kitchen of the luxurious Stephen and Petra Levin Tower, the senior residence of MorseLife Health System, the focus is style, luxury, joy and healthy eating in its dining rooms.  Newly appointed executive chef Begoña Lluch is leading the charge.

1 (9).jpg

Begoña, with over 25 years of experience, received training at Cordon Bleu in Paris, and honed her skill at the finest hotels in Paris, including the Ritz Carlton, The Plaza Athenee, The Bristol and The Crillon.   She found her way to MorseLife when her husband transferred to South Florida.

Keith A. Myers, president/CEO of MorseLife, noted he was most impressed by Begoña’s background.  “When we designed the Levin Tower, our goal was to ensure highest standards of service to our most discerning residents,” he said.   “Begoña’s training represented a great fit in line with the level of luxury we were promising our residents – and that goes for their dining experience.”

He said Begoña had an affinity for serving seniors and in providing healthier diets to meet their needs.  “Our residents are used to fine dining and eager to see us ramp up in developing innovative food options, along with traditional recipes,” he said.   “We provide everything that our residents want, and ensure we provide choices that are healthy and delicious – kosher and non-kosher  -given our separate kitchens and dining rooms.”

Begoña noted the executive chef position was a perfect opportunity to bring her approach to innovative, healthier eating to the forefront.  “My recipes are about making food that is delicious, different and of course healthy, but also ensure bring great joy to the experience of dining here,” she said.  “Our residents are used to the best, and my team is dedicated to meeting their highest standards in every way possible.”

“It is a joy to see the satisfaction of our residents, and seeing them appreciate the healthier ways I prepare their meals,” she said.  “Our focus at Levin Tower is to enhance and improve life – and in effect, extend the years of residents, and that can be accomplished well through a better diet.”

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