WindMark Beach Community to Be Site for Country Duo, Brothers Osborne, Album Event

April 2, 2018 – “A place of respite, inspiration and renewal” is often used to describe this hidden gem along Saint Joseph Bay, near Port Saint Joe, a quaint town just 35 miles East of Panama City Beach, Florida. With 4 miles of beach, there are lots of opportunities for water-related activities. As well, landlubber activities in the WindMark Beach community are varied because the designers carefully placed parks of various sizes throughout the community. These manicured lawns are perfect for a game of soccer, yoga, badminton or as is the case on April 7, a major concert. The Award-winning duo, Brothers Osborne, selected the WindMark Beach community as the venue to introduce their latest album, Port Saint Joe.


Port Saint Joe is a sonic representation of who we’ve become not only as a band, but as people,” says John Osborne. “Every show we’ve ever played together is on this record. Every song we’ve ever written and every mile we’ve ever ridden has led to the making of this record. Imperfections and all.” The title, Port Saint Joe, reflects the small town on the Floridacoast where the real-life siblings recorded the album. The sold-out concert will begin at 4 p.m. CST on the main lawn at WindMark Beach. Tickets for the event sold out in less than 10 minutes. “We are excited to have WindMark Beach a part of this event, paying tribute to Port Saint Joe,” said Lanier Motes, marketing manager for the community.

The WindMark Beach community has over four miles of sandy beach and was intended from the start to be an idyllic setting that celebrated all that was nature. With a commitment to maintaining the natural beauty of the region, renowned planners, architects and builders were curated with the primary purpose of creating a coastal resort community with nature’s splendor as its backdrop. Today this resort community inspires not only a healthy lifestyle, but one that encourages everyone to enjoy the numerous amenities, natural surroundings and of course, life itself. From the outset, it was important to the development team to preserve as much of the environment as possible and it’s evident everywhere you walk within the community. Natural habitats abound.

The homes in WindMark Beach reflect a distinct style of architecture that draws from the rich history of the region. Every home is as comfortable and tranquil as the land around it. Elevated slightly, the homes draw in cool air; their pitched metal roofs carry away rain and deep overhangs provide shade from the sun. Whether year-round or seasonally, the carefully crafted collection of home-styles and floorplans assures even the most discerning of buyers a unique opportunity to call this community “home”. Homebuyers will find an array of homes priced from the mid $300s to over $1M. Home designers sought to create very distinctive exterior and interior plans that would be functional for the owner and their guests.

Buyers who choose to build their dream home have a large portfolio of home designs to select from, and the ability to work with several D.R. Horton builders, dependent upon the budget for the home. “Many buyers want to own yet have the flexibility to rent their home when they are not using it. This requires a professional rental company to handle the challenges that can crop up at a moment’s notice,” said Zach Ferrell who leads the on-site rental company, No Worries Vacation Rentals.

Today, generational travel has become the norm for families, resulting in more and more homes becoming an attractive vacation rental option allowing grandparents, parents and kids to travel together. The biggest driver of all this togetherness is baby boomers with money and a strong need for meaningful experiences. There’s a strong desire to make moments count, and travel is often a way to do that. Others see the boomers as more intrepid and able-bodied than their predecessors. Those planning a vacation with a wide age span generally look for destinations that have something for everyone. Certainly, enough activities that the grandparents aren’t expected to just watch the grandkids while their parents go off to sail snorkel or sunbathe. WindMark Beach affords a wide array of activities for all generations, making generational travel there much more appealing.

The development has a vibrant community center that is easily accessible by all. An interconnected system of pedestrian trails, boardwalks and cart paths has been designed to preserve the land with minimal disturbance while enhancing the ability to move easily throughout the community. Whether its boardwalks and gazebos or secluded pathways, residents and guests are provided with unmatched glimpses into the habitat that is being diligently protected.

Today WindMark Beach has become a destination point for weddings. In addition to a charming building that’s ideal for a candlelight ceremony, the pocket parks allow for weddings of just about any size. There’s something magical about getting married close to the water and then moving a short distance away to a sit-down dinner under the stars.

The WindMark Beach community is a hidden gem that even the earliest of explorers and settlers would be proud to call “home” today. It’s the type community you instantly fall in love with and want to become a part of for a day, week or lifetime. Or in the case of Brothers Osborne, a few hours. For more information on the WindMark Beach community, visit their website at

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