MyCustomCandy Announces Upgraded Candy Hearts Coming in 2019

March 28, 2018 – Florida custom candy company, MyCustomCandy announced today that it will be “Rebirthing” the classic candy hearts and is already in talks with major retailers to replace the soon-to-be extinct original candy hearts with new, high-quality candy hearts using an updated edible printing technology that will print crisp words and even simple images on the hearts.

117-year old candy company, Necco, makers of the iconic Valentine’s Day candy hearts recently announced that they are in financial trouble and will lay off nearly 400 workers in May if they do not find a buyer. A sad end to the classic conversation heart candies we all know and love.

Conversation hearts with sayings like “Be Mine” and “Text Me” have been a staple since 1902 – over 5 billion of them are created every year.

In recent years candy hearts have seen a noticeable decline in quality and the phrases have become more and more outdated. Search for candy hearts on Amazon and you’ll find an average 2 star rating with complaints like “Many of the hearts either have the slogan completely missing, partially missing, or it is blurry. Some are misshaped.” and uploaded photos showing smeared and completely illegible words on the hearts.

What happened to the nostalgic candy hearts with those cute little messages that we grew up loving?

MyCustomCandy’s brand new “CutieHearts” will tout updated sayings like “DM Me”; “4YEO” (Stands for “For Your Eyes Only” for anyone not currently in their teens); “What’s Good?” as well as retain some of the classic sayings like “Be Mine” and “Kiss Me.”

The original candy hearts cardboard boxes will be upgraded to hard clear plastic boxes with labels in gold foil.

MyCustomCandy also says they are in talks with a few of their celebrity and Fortune 500 clientele to create limited-edition partner packs.

MyCustomCandy is currently taking votes from America’s candy heart lovers on what should be printed on the updated candy hearts packs. You can enter your vote here:

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