Introducing the Breitling Surfers Squad – Together With a Thrilling New Partnership

March 26, 2018 – Breitling recently announced its squad concept. This imaginative idea involves creating three-person groups (the squads) whose members – all true masters in their respective professions – forge strong bonds and work together toward a common goal. Their shared endeavors will be presented in Breitling’s advertising campaigns. Breitling is now delighted to reveal the members of its Surfers Squad, who, like their Explorers Squad counterparts, reflect the brand’s dynamic values: action, purpose, and pioneering spirit.

Breitling’s connection to the oceans is part of its extraordinary legacy. Its diver’s watches, including the iconic Superocean, are among the world’s most highly regarded. The amazing Surfers Squad and new partners, who are completely committed to maintaining clean oceans and beaches, are perfect expressions of our passion for water, which, along with air and land, are Breitling’s thematic pillars.

As Georges Kern, the CEO of Breitling, points out:

“We believe in the power of a team, the strength of a group, and the mutual identification of a common target, which ultimately leads to success. With our squad of three champion surfers, who are also some of the world’s leading advocates for the health of our oceans and beaches, we have a formidable team and some amazing shared goals.”

We are pleased to unveil the three impressive masters of the waves who are the members of our Breitling Surfers Squad:

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