Florida-Based Firm Schellman Recognized as a Top 100 CPA Firm

March 21, 2018 – Achieving a goal many years in the making, Tampa based CPA firm,  Schellman & Company, LLC (Schellman), a leading provider of attestation and compliance services, has been named one of the largest CPA firms in the United States by Accounting Today.  Previously unranked, Schellman’s annual revenue of nearly $50 million earned the company the 89th spot in the latest “Top 100 Firms” report, along with the distinction of being the youngest company among the ranked firms.

Schellman-Avani Desai-Chris Schellman

Schellman is unique even among the Top 100 firms, as it is the only firm that does not provide traditional accounting services, such as financial statement audits or tax preparation.  Schellman’s practice instead specializes in System and Organization Controls (SOC) examinations, as well as ISO, PCI, HITRUST, and FedRAMP compliance services.

With demand rapidly growing for those services, Schellman’s annual revenue growth propelled it into the Top 100 list.  In fact, Schellman had the largest move up the 2018 rankings of any Top 100 firm, excluding mergers and acquisitions. “It has been our goal to be in the Top 100 for the last few years,” says Schellman.  “Now we have plans to become a Top 50 firm within the next 10 years due to the exponential growth in demand for our services.”

Making history is nothing new at Schellman.  Founded in 2002, Schellman was the first CPA firm to provide SOC examinations, formerly known as SAS 70 audits, as its sole service.  Later, Schellman became the first CPA firm accredited to perform ISO certifications, and remains the only CPA firm dually accredited by the United States (ANAB) and United Kingdom (UKAS) accreditation bodies.  The company was also the first CPA firm accredited as a FedRAMP 3PAO, and performs more 3PAO assessments than any CPA firm in the world.  Schellman’s impact on the industry has not gone unnoticed.  In 2015, Schellman earned the distinction of being the only CPA firm ever selected as a “Cool Vendor” by the global research firm Gartner.

Avani Desai, executive vice president, attributes Schellman’s accomplishments to an unwavering commitment to quality.  “Schellman has built a reputation for its professionals being passionate about compliance.  Between that, constant innovation and fundamental respect for the art of professional services, quality and success have followed.” —success that now includes a Top 100 ranking.

“It is truly a historic achievement for our team,” said company President, Chris Schellman.  “We created a niche in the accounting industry and permanently changed the competitive landscape for specialized firms.”

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