Palm Beach Fertility Center Expands its Scope of Reproductive Services

March 20, 2018 – INVO Bioscience, Inc. (OTC: IVOB), a medical device company granted FDA clearance for the first Intravaginal Culture System, INVOcell™, today announced that Palm Beach Fertility Center, with locations in Boca Raton and Lake Worth, Florida, is now offering the INVOcell Procedure as part of its compliment of reproductive treatments with the addition of INVOCell.

INVOcell has the ability to significantly transform the way in which doctors assist infertile patients to become pregnant in a simpler, more natural and cost-effective manner. INVOcell is a patented medical device used in the treatment of infertility that enables egg fertilization and early embryo development to take place in the woman’s body, in vivo. The simplistic INVO can be easily performed in an appropriately trained physician’s office without the need for expensive overhead.

Dr. Mark Denker, M.D., founder of Palm Beach Fertility Center, commented, “We are pleased to add INVOCell to the available options to help our patients create the loving families that they so desire. We recognize that the cost of in-vitro fertilization (IVF) and other fertility treatments can add a great deal of stress to an already overwhelming process. INVOCell is a very cost-efficient process that can open the door to pregnancy to many couples that otherwise could not be served. We are excited with the possibilities going forward.”

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