CannaMD Expands Medical Marijuana Clinics to Tampa

March 19, 2018 – In April, CannaMD opens its fifth location of medical marijuana clinics in the Tampa Bay area.  Dr. Rachna Singh brings nearly a decade of experience recommending medical cannabis to her patients. Having been in practice of rheumatology for 30 years and an Anti-aging specialist she is uniquely positioned to understand the benefits of medical cannabis in various pain syndromes and auto immune diseases.  She will be evaluating new patients for entry in the Florida Medical Marijuana Use Registry starting early April.

Dr. Singh is a leader in the evolution of wellness-based medicine.  She went to medical school in India where she learned the value of holistic healthcare.  After finishing her residency and a clinical research fellowship in the United States, she has practiced medicine for over thirty years.

In the early 1990’s her pioneering spirit and commitment to optimal patient care inspired Dr. Singh to skillfully integrate holistic preventative and wellness protocols in her rheumatology practice which significantly enhanced patient satisfaction and consistently produced positive results. She was also the founder of a chronic pain outreach program in which she incorporated meditation, relaxation and breathing techniques to help achieve successful outcomes in treating chronic pain syndromes.  Dr. Singh’s background and experience will be a welcome addition to our existing network of doctors.

CannaMD, a statewide network of medical marijuana doctors and clinics, aims to provide alternative medicine to patients in need. “We understand the heartache and discouragement experienced by patients and their family members as they search for a better way to manage debilitating health conditions.” said Ryan Scotson, company founder. “Our patients receive individualized care and we are dedicated to sharing our knowledge by educating the public about the benefits of medical marijuana”, Scotson added.

To be entered in the Medical Marijuana Use Registry, a patient must be evaluated in person by a certified medical marijuana physician. After the doctor determines that a patient diagnosed with one of the qualifying medical conditions would benefit from medical marijuana, the patient is registered. The doctor also enters an order for the dosages and types of medical marijuana products the patient should receive.

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