Author Gives Irate Employees a Loud Voice

March 9, 2018 – Many people have had a terrible boss or client at one point in their career. Some of them maybe gave serious consideration on how to settle the score.

Mental health professionals often recommend putting horrific employment experiences onto paper and whole heartily telling off the former abusers. The key, then being, to rip it up. The concept is to NOT send it to the perpetrators!

1 (5).jpg

Author Ray D. Martin offers a potentially even more liberating solution to irate employees that are searching for closure, healing and forgiveness. They will write a book about someone’s horrible work experiences. That’s right. With Ray’s help, a disheveled employee-or more likely former employee, can now put all the juicy details of the backstabbing, verbal abuse, condescending behavior, leadership by fear mentality and company conspiracies into a well-written and entertaining piece of literature.

The first book in the series Going In A Different Direction went live this week on Amazon, Kindle and iBooks as well as on many other publishing platforms. The book takes the reader on the journey of a middle-aged husband and father of two whose new managers hatched a diabolical scheme attempting to destroy his career and those of many others. The main character learns of the scheme and takes extreme measures to protect his ability to provide for his family and save his reputation.

Martin used the client’s “therapy letter” as a basis for the story. Then the team worked meticulously to transform it into a manuscript ready for publication. Martin’s team was careful to change the industry, names, places and other facts to protect the identity of those involved.

Martin states, “The intent is to help them heal and have a little fun, not start a feud.” Martin further stated they do have a client insisting that no changes to the facts are made and intends to publish the work as a true story. “This client has good connections in Hollywood. The story is fascinating and screenplay probably isn’t too far away.”

Martin offers this advice to bad bosses everywhere. “If you don’t want an employee airing your company’s dirty laundry in a book or turning it into original content for streaming services, don’t give them a reason to. Your employees are your number one asset and should be treated as such.”

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