Coastal Risk Consulting’s New Website Helps Property Owners Become Resilient to Flooding

March 8, 2018 – Coastal Risk is pleased to announce enhanced features on its website,, reflecting new advances in the Company’s technology. Coastal Risk is the only source with a proven record of determining an individual property’s risk of flooding, leading to solutions to protect real estate from damage and loss in a changing environment.

Flooding, the costliest of all natural disasters, represents a significant and growing threat of property loss in the U.S. and around the world.

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Coastal Risk’s Flood and Climate Risk Assessment™, a professional-grade, property-specific analysis of flood risk for any coastal or inland location in the U.S, is available simply by entering an address at The report identifies and measures vulnerability to flooding from torrential downpours, storms, tidal surges, river flooding, hurricanes and future sea level rise, and also identifies tsunami risk for coastal properties in California and Hawaii.

By determining a property’s exposure to current and future flooding, Coastal Risk helps investors, developers, insurers, commercial real estate asset managers, homebuyers, government agencies, critical infrastructure, and other clients make optimal decisions to buy, sell, insure and protect valuable real estate and obtain the best flood insurance rates.

For multiple real estate parcels, large industrial sites, entire neighborhoods, and for properties worldwide, Coastal Risk provides customized flood risk analyses and recommends solutions to improve resilience in the face of severe flood and weather impacts.

Coastal Risk’s strategic partners in engineering, flood barrier systems, construction and insurance offer innovative and cost-effective flood protection and prevention solutions for properties determined to be at significant risk.

Coastal Risk’s advanced technology has been featured in The New York Times, Bloomberg, The Washington Post, Scientific American, The Economist, Harvard Business Review, Miami Herald, CBS, Reuters, and dozens of other leading media. The Company’s achievements have been recognized in several start-up awards including Best Tech Start-Up by the American Business Awards.

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