Alliance Group Announces Promotions for Several Key Employees

March 8, 2018 – Alliance Group, a large national life insurance marketing organization based out of Atlanta, Georgia and Ponte Vedra, Florida, recently announced a wave of title changes and promotions for several key employees.

On the marketing side, Peter Goldfine assumed a new role as Director of Digital Innovation, where he will be tasked with driving the growth of Alliance Group’s digital marketing and training efforts through the continued use of cutting-edge technology, with a focus on data analytics.  Chrissy Disco was promoted to Creative Director, where she will be responsible for overseeing the aesthetics of Alliance’s multiplatform branding, advertising campaigns, and marketing messages.  On the operations side, Andrea Buffo was announced as the new Business Development Manager, serving as the key liaison between agents, agencies and the Alliance Group home office, as well as their insurance carrier partners.

“Growing outward means we also need to grow inward, and these three have been key drivers of our success,” said Alliance Group Executive Vice President and Chief Marketing Officer Lee Duncan.  “They’ve proven that they’re ready for their new roles, and we look forward to seeing them continue to grow and develop in their careers with Alliance Group.”

As a company, Alliance Group enjoyed another year of double-digit percentage increases in revenue in 2017, their fifth consecutive year of such growth, and marking 375% growth since 2008.

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