Friends Beverage Group Successfully Launches Miami-Inspired Wine

March 7, 2018 – Friends Beverage Group of Miami today announced the successful launch in the New York City Metro Area of its 750 ml Graffiti-designed “FRIENDS FUN WINE” bottles, with introductory 5.5% ABV flavors that include Coconut Chardonnay, Strawberry Moscato and Sangria. With just over 30 days in the marketplace, the company is thrilled to have surpassed its sales goals. Retail partners have responded with great enthusiasm, reporting excellent results from tastings and exponential sales growth week-over-week, as well as a significant number of re-orders.

1 (10).jpg

“In the 35 years of working in the industry I have never witnessed a company that was able to create such a unique combination with both the liquid and the packaging,” commented Mike Luberto, Head of Sales for Oak Beverages. “This is a winning combination that will allow this brand and company to continue to make a foothold into the market and help establish a powerful brand.”

“We were confident entering into the NY market that Miguel Paredes’ designs would gain a lot of traction, as New York is where art meets fashion,” commented Joe Peleg, Founder and CEO. “We are certainly thrilled with the overwhelming acceptance of our delicious new flavors in our new bottle designs at the unprecedented levels we are currently experiencing.” Friends Fun Wine responds to females and millennials who seek new and exciting drinking experiences. With global beer sales dropping and wine developing across multiple formats, Friends Fun Wine may soon become the ideal beverage to lead the latest craze.

New York Loves Fun Wine

New Yorkers have truly embraced the taste of Friends Fun Wine and are quick to understand the value of this new category. “Fun Wine tastings and promotion with our retail partners throughout the Greater New York area have been very popular,” said Joe Peleg. “We are thrilled to be able to announce that we have sold out of our initial commitments to NY distributors and their retail partners and have started moving into re-orders much faster than we anticipated.” Initial tastings and sales with NY area grocer Stew Leonard’s have proven to be super popular. “As a leading retailer, Stew Leonard’s likes to be on the forefront of trends in the food and beverage industry, and we are thrilled with the way our customers have responded to Friends Fun Wine,” said Stew Leonard Category Manager Ed Ottusch. “We look forward to more orders and helping the Fun Wine Team grow the brand in New York.”

New bottles are collectible artworks

As a lifestyle brand that operates at the intersection of art and fashion, Friends Fun Wine engaged renowned graffiti artist Miguel Paredes to create one-of-a-kind bottle designs that have become keepsakes. Miguel grew up in New Yorkand spent his youth as an art student under the tutelage of Ronnie Cutrone – who was Andy Warhol’s assistant at the Factory.  Like Warhol, Miguel has created his own explosive and bold style — a perfect marriage of graffiti, landscape and pop art. Today he lives in Miami and creates dynamic pieces of art that have a sophisticated and gritty urban feel.   For more information, please visit

A global phenomenon that is capturing world attention

As a leading wine product in the global alternative beverage space, Friends Fun Wine has been quick to capture the growing consumer trend and demand of new beverage formats.  A 2017 research report by Beverage Marketing Group of New York showcased the evolving trend in the market:  Lowering beer sales, increasing demands and shifting power to female consumers, demand for new wine formats, especially lower alcohol and lower calories, and increased demand for alcohol beverages that can align with a healthful lifestyle.  This report highlights the potential growth of this exciting new ABA category (“Alternative Beverage Alcohol”) and the opportunity for Friends Fun Wine to capture a solid percentage of global sales.

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