Gulfstream Yachts Unveils World’s Largest Center Console Boat

Feb. 28, 2018 – Following the extremely successful debut of the Gulfstream Yachts 52 at the 2018 Miami International Boat Show, the company announced the new Gulfstream Yachts 66 which they believe represents the world’s largest center console boat.

Our customers have been ecstatic about the capabilities that we introduced with the Gulfstream Yachts 52 and have pushed us to take the design to the next level by retaining all of the same benefits of our 52 in a larger format boat with even more luxurious space in the panoramic salon in addition to incorporating a second stateroom, a dedicated tackle storage room, and mezzanine seating in the cockpit. We are excited to have worked with Setzer Yacht Design once again to create a flexible platform that can be tailored to the desires of our clients. The Gulfstream Yachts 66 can be customized to offer a flybridge version, a sedan model or even a traditional center console layout.

Our team’s countless hours on the water have consistently shown us that people love being on the front of a boat. For that reason, our design process begins by including generous passageways with high gunnel walls that offer safe and easy access to the bow area.  We offer a large forward supad on our 34, our 52 and now our 66 and we fully anticipate that area to continuing to be the most popular spot on each model.

As with our 52, customer feedback led us to the conclusion that boaters have grown tired of being hot, cold, windblown or wet on their current boats and are looking for a better alternative.  Our solution was to introduce a full glass enclosure surrounding the helm and passenger seating area equipped with air-conditioning and heat. That enclosure provides access to the below deck facilities and staterooms without ever having to go outside and also creates a space that enables the boat to sleep up to six people comfortably in three separate areas. The power windows on the Gulfstream Yachts 66 offer the ability to enjoy an open-air experience in the salon on nice days.

The Gulfstream Yachts 66 is available with inboard or outboard motors.  We are indifferent as to which power option customers choose but the outboard option has been the most popular request from customers that plan to operate the boats themselves because they are more comfortable driving them than inboards, the outboards are easier to repair or replace, the shallower draft allows the boat to pull up closer to the beach or sandbar party, and they like the redundancy of the multiple outboards because their trips can continue without interruption if one of those motors should happen to experience a mechanical problem.

We believe that the Gulfstream Yachts 66 represents the next logical evolution of the center console boat and look forward to sharing additional details at the upcoming 2018 Palm Beach International Boat Show running March 22 – 25, 2018.

Gulfstream Yachts 66 Specifications:
Length – 66 feet
Width – 18 feet
Power – Four to five outboard motors OR twin inboard motors

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