Brightway Insurance Approves New Offer to Allow Franchisees to Open Multiple Stores

Feb. 28, 2018 – Brightway Insurance provides its franchisees with turnkey business support, empowering them to build world-class sales teams that focus on new policy sales. As a result, Brightway franchisees routinely outsell their competition three-to-one.

The company began franchising in 2008 and, until now, offered its franchisees the opportunity to open one Brightway insurance store. Effective immediately the company is changing its offering. Now, for the same franchise fee of $60,000, franchisees have the right to open two Brightway stores.

1 (12).jpg

Chairman and Co-Founder Michael Miller said: “Our jobs are to help our franchisees achieve their potential through franchising with us. One way is through Multi-unit Ownership, so we’ve made this change to make growing their enterprise easier.”

“This is a win-win,” Miller said. “It empowers our franchisees to own multiple stores, helping them be even more successful and it helps to build the Brightway brand even faster.”

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